Sunday, August 10, 2008

Attention coolyoungsters!


All coolyoungsters the new cookie point system has been introduced.
Thissystem will enable you to get free love, marriage, carrer, money , children everything!

You just have to visit the websites listed below and sign up to get readings of $5 upto $25 absolutely free!

However there is no compulsion to sign up . It is if you want to sign up you will gain sign up bonus that some sites offer and you can will also get cookie points to earn free report of your choice.

These sites are free, they will not reveal your information to anyone. So there is everything to win nothing to lose!

So take a look at these sites and choose whether would like to sign up or not. Again it is your decision. There is no compulsion!

Free get paid to Search site

Enroll in this free legitimate paid to search site that pays you in pounds. The minimum payout is 20 pounds and it is open to all international country. Register for a free paypal acount. Cookie points: 3 ($0.60)


This is another free site, get paid to read emails. A legitimate site that offers free sign up bonus of $10. COOKIE POINTS: 3.5 ($0.7 0)

sign up

Another free and legitimate paid to read emails, sign up and much more fun is clixncash. A low payout of $0.05 and great cash offers. Sign up for 1 cookie point ($0.20)

More offers will be soon updated, Another two great offers are: Subscribe to newsletter get 8 cookie points($1.60) and refer the website to friends and get 5 cookie points ($1.00)

Click if you want to sign up on the sites. Do not forget to send me a your sign up details without your password on this address:

Please note:

1. Cookie points money can only be used to buy reports. The points will help you to earn reports of your choice after.

2. The minimum cost of the report is $5 depending upon the details included, the report can be purchased by using cookie point system.

3. Old members kindly give your details again.