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Why can’t I have a Flat Tummy Like Adriana Lima?

Why can’t I have a Flat Tummy Like Adriana Lima? The Brazilian beauty shot to fame as  Ford Supermodel of Brazil and then as Victoria’s Super  Angel.  She also has a lot of beauty endorsements to her credit and why not ?

Adriana Lima is one of the most prettiest women on the planet, and  she looks glowing and flawless  despite being a mother of two kids.So, what is the secret behind her awesome svelte figure ? Diet, exercise or something else? Perhaps, a handsome husband or beautiful daughters?

Undoubtedly , the  Brazilian hottie made an exclusive comeback  on the ramp in perfect shape  that too post pregnancy. Adriana Lima  and her hubby  basketball star  Marko Jaric became proud parents once again with the birth of their second child. In a short period of time she hit the runway in the most stylish lingerie! How did the Brazilian bombshell manage to get back  into such a ferociously beautiful shape ,so rapidly?

A grinding exercise regime is  the secret behind her killer looks. According to magazine  reports, Adriana  took to some serious exercises like jump rope, boxing, and professional sculpting maneuvers.

Furthermore, the Brazilian beauty  gave special attention to her diet  besides her supermodel workout.Eating in small portions was the main part of her diet routine. From her early days as a model, Adriana was always  conscious of her health and diet.

The glam queen believes  that it is crucial to watch out what you eat as it reflects on your skin and body. The stunning beauty gives healthy diet a highest priority. She adds that exercising is great way to detoxify your body and  therefore  a good exercise regime should be a part of  any health conscious individuals daily activity.

So to get back her pre-pregnancy body, the Brazilian bombshell avoided fried stuff and gave preference to steamed vegetables and meat.She opted for a  Sodium restricted diet in order to avoid bloating and water retention. The Supermodel paid special attention to this part as new mommies  have tendency to retain more water.

The Victoria’s Secret Model also refrained from consumption of Sugar. Most of her diet regime was really plain with no sauces or salts. Phew! who said becoming a supermodel was anyone’s cup of tea. Look at the amount of hard work and  discipline the Brazilian beauty has put in to get back into shape. Definitely commendable, what say?

It is not  possible for every individual to diligently follow a  disciplined  diet and exercise regime. Moreover, every individual is different and has a different lifestyle.

However , that does not mean that you cannot have a fabulous body and a flat belly.

It is essential to live in harmony with nature. That’s why Saffron thin diet tips encourage individuals to consume natural food and spices. Saffron thin diet tips focus on natural foods and eliminating processed junk, which fuels inflammation, weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

Nature has provided us with a bounty of resources that can assist in maintaining health and beauty. If we take advantage of these natural health foods than we can have a fit and healthy body without much effort.

Saffron Thin Diet Tips Introduce You To Such Natural Health Treasures

1.Super Grains

The goodness of Grains cannot be described in words. Grains are filled with various nutrients, dietary fiber, several B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate), and minerals (iron, magnesium, and selenium).

They have carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, plant enzymes, hormones, and over hundreds of other phytochemicals.

The dietary fiber is particularly important as it facilitates in  reducing blood cholesterol levels and in this way helps lower risk of heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Fiber is also essential for proper bowel functioning.  Dietary fiber also aims at reducing constipation and diverticulosis. In addition , fiber- enriched grains like  whole grains assist in  provide a feeling of fullness with lesser amount of calories.

Oats can be truly called super grains as they  are packed with essential nutrients and also  lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.

2. Reap The Benefits of Fruits
Fruits alone can provide you with daily supply of essential nutrients. For instance the Red Grape fruit is enriched with nutrients. A simple breakfast of one  grapefruit can fulfill your daily requirement of vitamin C.Apples are  a powerful source of vitamin A and is full of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

3.Rice All The Way

Brown rice is a whole grain and a good source of vitamin B6, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese.  Moreover , you can add taste to brown rice with nutrient enriched spice Saffron . Saffron and Brown rice surely make a tasty combo. Sounds yummy, isn’t it?

4. Tasty Veggies
Carrots are loaded  with a variety of antioxidants, including beta-carotene, that boost heart and eye health.Sweet Potatoes These spuds are very filling (because they contain fiber) and a source of vitamins A and B6.

By incorporating these simple Saffron thin diet tips in your daily diet you can  have a good figure, flat tummy and above all a healthy body.

Don’t forget that  the supermodel believes that Confidence is always in style. So have confidence in yourself and you too can become like your  style icon, Adriana Lima. Remember, confidence is real success mantra.

By Dipty Gharat , Fitness, Heath, Diet and Nutrition Author 

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Fitness and Serene Mind and Independence Day Courtesy Tri Color Saffron Barfi

Hey, you all Fitness buffs, Saffron , the golden spice is your new fitness mantra. Don’t believe, just read further to unveil the secret of this spice.

You regularly hit the gym, and try to eat right. But sadly still, you are not burning your calories and your weight-loss efforts are going waste. Even worse, Vitamin D Deficiency makes it difficult to lose weight.

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done”,when it comes to Fitness, one should completely subscribe to this phrase.

Fitness is also about having a calm mind and striking harmony even while facing emotional turmoil. You can achieve your Fitness goal only when you have a positive approach towards life and your at peace with yourself.

A healthy and fit individual as described by Sushrut Samhita, one of the elementary works on Ayurveda is  whose mind, body and spirit are cheerful.

Often, individuals facing emotional upheavals, have a tendency to  gorge on chocolates, cakes and sweets. Their mindset is best described in this phrase ,“When you look at the cupcake , you got to smile” isn’t it?

So, how do I overcome my emotional turmoil without compromising on my fitness?

As city inhabitants, it's easy to  grab a cup cake or heavy cheese burger  from  a nearby food vendor to satisfy your depression and  appetite.Quite often, that food hasn't lived a very proud life.

It is crucial to focus on what we eat as it often reflects in our personality and attitude.It's important to know where our food comes from and what it can do for us.

As we become more conscious of the nature surrounding us,  it's not as acceptable to turn a blind eye to the source of the food we eat. After all Fitness and good health is all about  achieving a balance and harmony with our body and soul

As individuals we all want the cultural, social, and economical advantages  of city life.

Saffron recipes will help you to keep in touch with the  food roots and successfully integrate urban living with a  holistic life. Seriously, you think Saffron recipes can change lives ?They're the alkaline prescription for our acidic world.
The enticing saffron recipes can help in Fitness and soothing your mind. Tasty Saffron recipes for real people. Individuals who swear when they're upset. Individuals who get up late sometimes. Individuals who might not be expert in Ancient Sciences.

It is significant to have steady diet and workout  practice. This will definitely leave you feeling healthier, happier, and more aware of your body and its remarkable abilities. However, you won't create a steady practice if you don't enjoy the experience. The strategy is simple with the exotic spice, Saffron and its delicacies. The spice is empowered  with  natural compounds  to give you  the fitness and taste  of your dreams.

 Let's start with Delicious Saffron Barfi recipe. We'll figure out the rest from there.

Tri Color Saffron Barfi


For white barfi:½ cup cashew nut powder ,2 tbsp almond powder  ,1 tbsp sugar syrup

For green barfi: ¼ cup pistachio powder ,1 tbsp almond powder ,2 tsp sugar syrup

For orange barfi: ½ cup cashew nut powder ,2 tbsp almond powder  ,2 tsp saffron threads,2 tbsp sugar syrup .

For garnish: Pistachio powder as required,Saffron as required


1. In a small bowl filled with water add 2 teaspoon of Saffron threads. Let them soak for half an hour.

2.To make the white barfi - Using a stainless steel spoon, combine the cashew nut powder, almond powder and sugar syrup and mix well in a bowl. Set aside.

3.To make the green barfi; add the pistachio powder, almond powder and sugar syrup in a pan  and mix well and gently slide in a bowl.

4.To make the orange barfi; add cashew nut powder, almond powder, previously prepared Saffron - water mixture and sugar syrup in a bowl and mix well

5. Carefully  line a Swiss Roll tray with baking parchment paper.Now , roll the green barfi and make round shaped balls.

6.With the help of a Spatula flatten the white barfi and add the green ball shaped barfi in the centre. Enclose it inside the white barfi and roll it into ball shape.

7.Subsequently , on the  tray ,flatten the orange barfi and in the centre insert the white barfi and cover it  with the orange barfi from all sides. Roll it into the shape of a ball.

8. Allow it to completely cool and  cut into 4 pieces.

9.Sprinkle in the Saffron threads and  pistachio powder and  serve the Barfi in a nicely decorated plate.

This Saffron delicacy is a yummy combination of Saffron and Healthy dry fruits.

In this cut-throat competitive world, it is difficult to have peace of mind and happiness. Nevertheless, Saffron dishes can rejuvenate your mood and soothe your spirit.

The rich beauty and awesome taste, this spice renders to the food , sweets and drinks facilitates in interconnecting the mind , body and soul.This rich sweet dish made from saffron is good way to unwind after a hectic day or just enough to awaken your national spirit this Independence Day!

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